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Services on Campus

Qualification Offers and Mentoring Programs

Office for University Didactics

The Office for University Didactics organizes and designs university didactic training courses for all lecturers at the University of Bremen. The aim is to improve didactic training and continuing education and to coordinate the various central and decentralized activities in this field.


Department for Equal Opportunities

At the department for equal opportunities we offer workshops and mentoring programmes to support female scientists in their goal to reach a doctoral degree or as postdoc researchers. The programme perspective promotion offers counseling and workshops for female doctoral students in the humanities and social sciences. plan m and navigare are mentoring programmes to support young female scientists in their careers at university.


The Foreign Languages Centre Bremen (FZBH)

The FZHB has an extensive course programme and an individual language coaching program for academic and research staff, focusing in particular on English communication skills as well as German as a Second Language. Furthermore, scholars and researchers can book English writing consultations to prepare a text or paper for publication – a process that is supported by feedback on the text and personalized strategies for the revision phase of writing.

Research Services and Transfer

Unit 12 - Research Services

Unit 12 - Research Services gives support in finding suitable funding possibilities, in particular funding by the DFG and the EU. The Central Research Funding allocates funds for conference participation, bridge scholarships and postdoctoral positions.

Department 16 – UniTransfer

The department 16 – UniTransfer is the contact for all questions concerning cooperation between science, economy and society. UniTransfer accompanies patent applications of university inventions as well as their marketing, and counsels university members about company start-ups (BRIDGE).

The mentoring programme “ProMentes” also belongs to UniTransfer.

Welcome Center

The Welcome Center of U Bremen Research Alliance supports international researchers and their families before and during their stay in Bremen regardless of the length of their stay or how the stay is financed. As a central service point, it assists all newcoming researchers in non-academic matters to help organize their life in Bremen and make it as enjoyable and uncomplicated as possible. Whether you are here for a month or have been appointed to a permanent post, our services are available to you. Through a broad network of internal and external partners the Welcome Center provides a range of administrative and social services.