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Mobile Lecture

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With Mobile Lecture, the various elements of an event can be recorded, linked and made permanently available as an interactive multimedia product to a user group of any size. This includes the audio of the lecture, the video image of the lecturer, the presentation via beamer, touch screen or blackboard as well as supplementary materials such as scripts. Subject to free capacity at the ZMML, lecturers have the choice between a live recording in the lecture hall (with only a small additional effort), and pre-production in the film studio. The pre-production means a higher expenditure of time and, if necessary, the adaptation of the content to short episodes with concrete learning objectives in each case, but guarantees a high technical quality and offers additional, exciting presentation possibilities through the green screen process.
 The recordings provided on the Mobile Lecture-website enable students to access complete lectures or specific content from them in a targeted manner and to rework them as often as they like at their own pace. This effectively supports individual learning processes, different types of learners and family-friendly studies for students with children or relatives who need care.

Scope of services

  • Consulting and support in conception and didactic preparation
  • Production and post-production (recording, video editing, linking with slides, etc.)
  • Provision of the recordings on
  • Optional link to the event in Stud.IP and password protection

Help and support services

  • FAQ for lecturers
  • FAQ for students