The foundation project for the university anniversary - listen

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Listening - The podcasts

In our interview series, 10 founders and beneficiaries talk about what it's like to support and be supported.

The founders take you once again on the exciting journey of their decision-making process through to the actual establishment of their foundation. They talk about the vision they associate with their foundation and reveal what they themselves receive in return.

    "The touching thing about donating is that you give money away and become richer."

The beneficiaries of the University of Bremen Foundation talk about their motivation as researchers. They provide information about the impact the funding of their projects had on their professional qualifications and reflect on whether the opportunities they received through the funding have had a lasting effect on them as people.

They all have one mission: to make the world a better place together.

From 2 June, we will be publishing a new podcast every fortnight on Wednesdays.

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