Trust Foundations

By setting up a trust foundation, you can help develop clever young minds under your own name – dependently and on a permanent basis. In order to keep expenses and income in reasonable proportion, this form of your own foundation makes sense from a foundation capital of 100,000 euro. Why a trust foundation under the umbrella of our foundation? The establishment and administration of an independent foundation with legal capacity is complex and time-consuming. A trust foundation without legal capacity is much more straightforward and needs no state approval. It is established by contract, the trust agreement, between the foundation benefactor and the trustee. Statutes define the organizational structure, specify the concrete purpose, and regulate all follow-up questions. The foundation’s assets are managed as special assets by the University of Bremen Foundation. The umbrella foundation takes over the administration of your foundation and thus minimizes the administrative costs, so that the entire proceeds benefit the foundation’s purpose. You, or a board of trustees of your choice, decide how the funds are to be used.

Iris and Hartmut Jürgens Foundation

The “Iris and Hartmut Jürgens Foundation - Chance for a New Life” was established on December 14, 2015. The Foundation has two main purposes: It supports above all medical diagnostic and therapeutic research as well as projects for displaced persons at the University of Bremen.


Further information about the foundation, its benefactors and funding activities can be found under:

Harald Rehling/Universität Bremen

Kellner & Stoll Foundation for Climate and Environment

Signed statutes and trust deed: The foundation benefactors, Dr. Rita Kellner-Stoll and Reiner Stoll, together with Gerd-Rüdiger Kück and Prof. Wilfried Müller as representatives of the Foundation of the University of Bremen. More information in German