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Mobility among YUFE Universities

The YUFE alliance has set itself the goal to encourage the mobility among its members and to create a dynamic exchange between all partner universities. In the context of the so-called Student Journey, important prerequisites are created for students to spend a semester at one of the YUFE universities or to complete an internship or practical training in any of the YUFE cities.

It is a particular feature of YUFE that it also expands the career paths and exchange opportunities for university employees. This does not only concern scientific staff, for whom special tenure tracks and YUFE chairs will soon be established, but also includes non-scientific staff. For technical and administrative staff, YUFE will offer career paths with an international dimension. Moreover, new opportunities for exchange and work shadowing, such as short visits to YUFE partner universities, will become available for this target group.

Employees as well as students of Bremen University will be able to travel to YUFE partner universities in order to learn from each other and thus contribute to the integration process of the YUFE alliance. The existing Erasmus+ programmes for lecturers, staff and students can also be applied to this end.