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The Rectorate informs & YUFE Café on 15 October 2019

Summary of results

On 15 October 2019 the Rectorate of our University invited to the event "The Rectorate informs & YUFE Café“. We were very pleased that so many of you discussed and developed ideas together with us. Thank you very much for all positive feedback.

We have intensively worked on the many good suggestions received at the topic tables during the YUFE Café. Great ideas have been developed during this event. The proposals on mobility, such as common, transparent structures in Career Tracks and mobility programmes, peer-to-peer exchange between employees, the idea of a YUFE Rail Ticket, the promotion of (English) language skills and various issues of diversity were very important to us.
Special attention should be paid to the approaches to integrate YUFE guests into the city, for example by means of sponsorships, an expanded accommodation service and cooperation with day-care centres and libraries.
An initial evaluation can be found here. We will incorporate the central ideas and wishes into further work in the respective working groups and in the European task forces. The YUFE team is happy to receive further ideas, suggestions and wishes at

Rektor spricht zu den versammelten Personen

Table topic 1: YUFE Student Journey

Personen an Stehtischen
Why are we so keen on the YUFE Student Journey?

Supporting European identity; working and learning together; cultural enrichment

What challenges do we face at Bremen University when it comes to the Student Journey?

Organisation of exchange, accommodation and funding, a right of participation, language skills of local participants, selection and coordination of courses and contents, as well as environmental concerns

What are we doing at Bremen University to make the European YUFE University, and especially the Student Journey a reality?

Realigning existing activities, e.g. courses of study and new appointments of professors; ensuring good information and communication as a basis of trust; promoting student participation; offering master's theses on YUFE development; designing online and offline teaching

Table topic 2: YUFE student services

Personen am Stehtisch unterhalten sich
Why are we so keen on YUFE student services?

Internationalisation; easier and better exchange opportunities; strengthening of a European identity; qualification of future leaders

What challenges do we face with regard to YUFE student services at Bremen University?

Parallel structures, differences in ideas about planning and project progress, resources, transparency, legal requirements

What is Bremen University doing regarding YUFE Student Services in order to make the European YUFE University reality?

Applying existing experiences and competences, establishing work and communication structures

Table topic 3: YUFE Staff Journey

Why do we like the idea of the staff journey?

Exchange of people and structures - beneficial at all levels

What challenges do we at Bremen University face when it comes to the concept of the Staff Journey?

Legal requirements, internationally different career paths, balancing mobility with time limits, workload, family etc., and language and diversity related challenges

What are we doing at Bremen University with regard to the Staff Journey to make the European YUFE University a success?

Creating common, transparent structures and procedures, supporting and embedding travellers, stimulating travels as quickly as possible, making use of existing structures and procedures, and providing opportunities for mutual exchange

Table topic 4: YUFE in our Cities

Frau an der Pinnwand
Why do we as the University of Bremen have an interest in YUFE in our Cities?

Cooperation, involvement of citizens, contact and communication between university and city

What challenges do we face with YUFE in our Cities?

Differences between the participating cities, lack of time on the spot, scientific ambition of the offers

What are we at Bremen University doing on YUFE in our Cities in order to make the European YUFE University a reality?

Making YUFE exchanges easier, promoting and raising awareness of YUFE and multilingualism throughout the city, promoting exchanges between students and city institutions

Table Topic 5: YUFE Diversity & Inclusivity

Why are we at the University of Bremen so keen on YUFE Diversity & Inclusivity?

Diversity is an opportunity for new perspectives and joint learning, and at the same time empowerment

What challenges do we face with regard to YUFE Diversity & Inclusivity at the University of Bremen?

Standards may differ at partner universities, mobility/language can also create obstacles or limitations, and barrier-free access must be ensured

What are we as the University of Bremen doing on the concept of YUFE Diversity & Inclusivity in order to make the European YUFE University become a reality?

Self-reflection and development of competences; further education and training; consideration of diversity issues in admission, lecturing, and systems; recognition of commitment

Table topic 6: YUFE Focus Areas

Why are we as the University of Bremen so interested in YUFE Focus Areas?

Possibility of enrichment, connection, and progress

What challenges do we face with the idea of YUFE Focus Areas?

Focus Areas are not clearly defined, so this is what still needs to be done

What are we as the University of Bremen doing on YUFE Focus Areas to make the European YUFE University a reality?

Involving all status groups as well as internal and external experts, networking and creating new forms of interaction and dialogue, and using existing expertise