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QUARREE100 / Operando MRI Measurements

Investigation of heterogeneously catalyzed gas phase reactions with NMR methods

To optimize heterogeneously catalyzed gas phase reactions like the methanization of CO2 or the Fischer-Tropsch synthesis, it is crucial to gain deeper insight into local heat, mass, and momentum transport phenomena inside the catalyst. For describing these, spatially resolving models and simulations are needed, describing the physics at the catalyst. The simulations, however, need to be experimentally validated. On this purpose we develop   nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) methods, which are able to measure gas concentration, temperatures and velocities inside opaque structures. 

  • Gas phase reactions with NMR methods

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  • Operando MRI Messungen.

    Gas phase reactions with NMR methods

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We contribute to the BMBF/BMWi funded QUARREE100 project. In the framework of this project, a highly efficient and flexible Fischer-Tropsch (FT) reactor for producing synthetic fuels is developed. The usage of synthetic fuel made from carbon dioxide and hydrogen allows CO2-neutral operation of vehicles, in a time where almost every cars engine runs based on carbon fuels. A flexible production of synthetic fuels enables companies to face the dynamic power input resulting from windmills or solar panels. On this purpose, the influence of fluctuations of the reactant stream is investigated. 

By using optimized operando MRI methods, the transport of fluids inside the reactor is also examined. Opening new possibilities to increase heat, mass and momentum transport, thus, making the FT process more efficient. 

Furthermore, we support the development of a future technology gas station.

Relevant Publications (Operando MRI)

Ulpts et al. (2015), Applied Catalysis A 502, 340–349.
Ulpts et al. (2016), Catal Today 273, 91–98.
Ulpts et al. (2018). Catal Today 310176–186.
Jürgen Ulpts' PhD thesis


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