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Personnel Development

go diverse: Gender and Diversity-Oriented Academic Staff Selection

The project aims to develop gender and diversity awareness for the academic staff selection process in order to attract diverse scientists with their different resources and potentials to the university. Go diverse offers talks, coaching, and intensive consulting and is open to all faculties.

The project advisory board is composed of: Eva-Maria Feichtner, Vice President International and Diversity Jutta Günther, Vice President Research

Sylvia Hils, gender equality officer Yasemin Karakaşoğlu,Head of the Unit for Intercultural Education, Faculty 12 Julia Sievers, Head of Administrative Department for Academic Affairs

Prof. Michael Schulz, MARUM – Center for Marine Environmental Sciences at the University of Bremen

Ralf Streibl, Staff Council

If you are interested in the process, please contact:

Anneliese Niehoff Head of the Administrative Unit for Equal Opportunities / Anti-Discrimination

Nele Kuhn Diversity Officer


Prof. Dr. Eva-Maria Feichtner
Vice President International and Diversity

Nele Kuhn
Diversity Officer

Dr. Margrit E. Kaufmann
Diversity Expert


„A-Z for making a good choice“

The "A-Z for making a good choice" is part of the cooperation project go diverse and offers thought-provoking information on all aspects of gender and diversity-aware staff selection processes.


Angebote & Einrichtungen

perspektive promotion - Program for Scholars in the Humanities and Social Sciences (Administrative Unit 04)

plan m - Mentoring in Science (Administrative Unit 04)

BYRD - Bremen Early Career Researcher Development (Administrative Unit 12)

Administrative Unit 07 for Human Resource Development

University Didactics (Administrative Unit 13)

Languages Centre of the Universities in the Land of Bremen

go diverse: Gender and Diversity-Oriented Academic Staff Selection

If you encounter barriers, discriminatory content, or ambiguities while reading our pages, we welcome you to send an email to