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Uni KLEX - Childcare fLEXibel

Uni KLEX supports early career researchers in combining their family tasks with their scientific career. For this purpose, the university offers funding for flexible childcare, supplementing the regular care, for an initial pilot period of three years (2019 – 2022).

Whereas childcare during regular working hours is normally well covered, also by various institutions close to the campus, care outside of business hours is problematic. This often represents a major obstacle for early career researchers with family care responsibilities: Participation in full day scientific events and conferences as well as workshops for professional development are an essential part of establishing and maintaining ones personal scientific network. This is particularly important in the qualification phase, which often coincides with family planning. Due to the high mobility requirements, most scientist lack a local family network. With different offers, Uni KLEX supports these scientists and their families.


Equal Opportunities Office

Anna-Lena Vallentin

Bettina Schweizer

Margarethe Klimek
(student assistent)

E-Mail: uniklexprotect me ?!uni-bremenprotect me ?!.de

Tel. 0421 218 60182

Consultation hours:
Please contact us by email, the office is currently manned irregularly

No processing can take place on Tuesdays and Fridays!

Here you can learn more about the background of Uni KLEX


The programme addresses early career researchers in the qualification phase (doctoral students*, postdocs* and junior professors*) at the University of Bremen with children aged 0 to 12. Proof of employment, matriculation or acceptance by a doctoral committee of the University of Bremen must be provided when requesting coverage of costs for the first time.

Within the framework of Uni KLEX, parents can receive a subsidy of up to 200 € per family per year for childcare outside of business hours and in exceptional situations, provided there is a professional occasion. In individual cases, the annual amount may be exceeded. However, this requires timely contact and an informal letter of justification from the supervisor.
The costs for childcare during private occasions are of course to be borne by the parents.

The support provided by Uni KLEX can be used for conferences, workshops and professional development measures of the university. The respective event has to be proven by a programme, invitation, indicating that the event exceeds the opening hours of the regular childcare facility. Uni KLEX cannot support regular events (courses, lectures, meetings).

“Outside of business hours” refers to times beyond the opening hours of the regular childcare facility, e.g. very early in the morning, late in the afternoon, evenings, weekends. Holiday periods are explicitly excluded.


Parents should register the caregiver as a “domestic help” in their household with the Minijobzentrale (minijob centre) this includes an accident insurance. Further information can be found at:

In the case of childcare during scientific events on campus or in the Bremen area, the organisers must ensure that the caregiver can contact them at any time and that they can reach the place of care promptly.

The caregivers fill in the KLEX invoice form, which is submitted to uniklexprotect me ?!uni-bremenprotect me ?!.de together with the form for cost reimbursement by the parents.

In case the costs are covered by a coordinated DFG programme, the caregiver sends the invoice form to KLEX and will be paid by the university directly.

The time required for registration depends on the respective offer.

KLEX 1: For reimbursement or coverage of the costs for a caregiver, the request should be made at least one week in advance.

KLEX 3: If you need caregivers for conferences or workshops in Bremen, the request should be made at least three weeks before the event. In order to find a caregiver for childcare at home you should plan at least two weeks in advance.

KLEX 4: For support during a business trip, please contact KLEX several weeks in advance, as this may require coordination with the travel cost centre.

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