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Professorship hosts doctoral workshop along with LogDynamics and Biba

On 10. And 11. February, 2020 the professorship hosted a doctoral workshop along with the Bibaand the LogDynamics initiative and in the conjunction with the international conference on dynamics in logistics (Ldic). 16 Phd students from seven countries dedicated themselves to logistics research for two days - theoretically and practical. On the first day, the focus was on scientific contributions, including scholarly presentations and discussions. The main topics were research design, methodological paradigms and methods as well as knowledge production. On the second day, the focus was on the needs of companies and ensuring the practical relevance of projects. In combination with the Ldic 2020, the workshop offered the participants the opportunity to exchange interdisciplinary knowledge with experts from different fields, learn from each other and - not least - have fun.


The program for the doctoral workshop can be accessed here:


A glimpse of some highlights and impressions: