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Excellence Chair

The ‘U Bremen Excellence Chairs’ programme underscores the strong international networking of existing research strengths and enhances their visibility. It promotes the University of Bremen’s internationalisation efforts on a high level. Eight Chairs will be supported for four to seven years by means of the so-called University Allowance funded within the Excellence Initiative of the German federal and state governments. Chair-holders are outstanding experts in their disciplines and represent bridgeheads for collaboration with leading institutions worldwide.For further information concerning U BRemen excellence chairs not asspociated with MMM, please refer to the Excellence webpage of the University of Bremen.


Prof. Dr. Haizhou Li supervises a research program to model, implement and verify a biologically inspired auditory model for machine listening that emulates human listening ability. The research group takes an anthropomorphic approach to address the machine listening problem that fits into the emerging paradigm of explainable artificial intelligence. The anthropomorphic approach features a two-way cognitive loop between the speech acquisition frontend and speech understanding backend, that will tremendously improve voice-based technologies, such as auditory attention in cocktail-party listening, multi-talker speech recognition, and robotic audition in real-world applications. The research marks a departure from today's speech processing architecture, that is based on a one-way pipeline.

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