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To residents and visitors alike, the town is known as a town steeped in tradition, a green and friendly place, full of culture activity and offering a high quality of life. The seven theatres located here regularly host opera, drama music and dancing ensembles and Bremen is home to several smaller private theatre companies. The visitor will also find a large number of cultural collections of scientific repute, including Schloß Schönebeck in the suburb of Vegesack. which holds a collection documenting the maritime history of this part of the town; the Focke Museum, where many artifacts concerning the artistic and cultural history of Bremen are on display; and the Übersee Museum, a veritable showcase depicting various ways of life from Alaska to Africa, not to forget several cultural museums and art galleries. An absolute must is the latest attraction in Bremen the Universum right on the campus. A museum focused on the themes: the human body, nature, and the cosmos, to challenge your senses: feel, hear, see and touch what life is all about.

The Kunsthalle, situated on the site of the old city wall, regularly houses exhibitions of modern and classical art. In the immediate vicinity is the Gerhard Marcks House with its collection of some of the great sculptor's work. The Paula-Becker-Modersohn House in Böttcherstraße has on show a number of works by this artist, who was a member of the famous artists' colony which settled in the village of Worpswede near Bremen. Located in the alluring atmosphere created by a converted coffee-roasting factory on a small island in the river is the Neue Museum Weserburg which boasts the biggest collection of contemporary art in Europe.

Beside this abundance of cultural opportunities, Bremen can offer a lot by way of leisure time attractions. For instance, there are plenty of opportunities for long walks along the Weser dyke, built alongside the river to protect the town from floods: Then there is the huge park known as the Bürgerpark, the gardens on the site of the old city wall called the Wallanlagen or the magnificent botanical garden called the Rhododendronpark. Many people simply prefer to take it easy in some of the numerous cafés which can be found not only in the parks, but also in the city itself. The "alternative" district, known in Bremen as the Viertel, literally vibrates with life, expecially at night. There are pubs and restaurants to suit everyone and catering for all culinary desires, where you can spend a "gemütlichen" evening. The newly built promenade along the river Weser, called Schlachte, offers a wide range of international bars and restaurants.