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Uni Bremen Charity Run

Charity Lauf

Uni Bremen Charity Run - 50,000 km in 50 days

-We keep running!-

Run along with the “Uni Bremen Charity Run - 50,000 km in 50 days”!
 As part of OPEN CAMPUS WEEK and to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the University of Bremen, we invite all keen runners to participate in the Uni Bremen Charity Run for the benefit of the Foundation Bremer Herzen (Hearts of Bremen Foundation).

Bremer Herzen is a nonprofit and independent foundation which has been focusing its work on information and prevention, as well as medical care and prevention research since its foundation in 2010, with the goal of improving medical care for patients and preventing cardiovascular disease.
 Our running campaign is aimed at active runners, returnees, and beginners who want to consciously do something to reduce their heart-related risk factors and increase their level of fitness.

The starting signal is the OPEN CAMPUS theme day ”Uni Aktiv - sport, nutrition, and health” on Thursday, June 10.
The campaign will be extended beyond the OPEN CAMPUS WEEK: Our goal is to run 50,000 km together within 50 days on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the university, because for every kilometer run, the University of Bremen gives 0.50 euros to the "Stiftung Bremer Herzen".
We hope to ultimately raise 25,000.00 euros to go toward research, prevention, and information on the subject of cardiovascular disease.

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This is how you can participate:

Registration is possible as of now via the button below.
On successful registration, you will receive an access code by email.

The personal access code received can be used to enter your own runs of any number until the end of the promotion.

You can then enter the kilometers you have run to the 29th of July 2021 via the “LEX Laufexperten” app (available for Apple and Android) or via the website after you have entered your personalized access code.
If you have any questions about registration or experience problems as you are inputting your results, please send an email to eventsprotect me ?!uni-bremenprotect me ?!.de (stating your access code).

We would like to thank “Spaß mit Sport Wirtjes” from Leer for making the registration management available to us.