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Prize Competition 2018

The 2nd round of tenders for the Berninghausen Prize 2019 has now ended

In this round, only proposals from the 2019 summer semester could be submitted via Stud.IP.

The Jury appointed by the Academic Senate will now discuss the proposals. 

This year nominations are invited in the following categories:

Excellent course in the introductory phase:

  • Activation and motivation of students
  • Awakening enthusiasm for the topic
  • Identification with the subject


Excellent course with didactically meaningful use of digital media


Students' nomination:

Students have proposed the lecturer for an award via Stud.IP. The main criterion for selection is the number of nominations: Those receiving the highest score are invited by the Commission to submit a two-page concept describing their course. The Commission subsequently selects the winner and forwards their recommendation to the Academic Senate.


All members of the university can nominate lecturers for the Berninghausen Prize. Self-nomination is also possible. Only students are eligible to nominate for the student prize.

Nominations will be submitted via Stud.IP with a brief statement of justification based on the criteria of the call:


The guideline can be downloades here.