Open Energy Modelling Framework

The Department of Resilient Energy Systems at the University of Bremen is an active supporter of the open energy modelling framework (oemof).

The oemof project provides a framework for open and free software development in the field of energy systems and plants modelling and pursues the following goals:

  • Reduction of programming effort and avoidance of duplications due to an existing documented code base
  • Complete transparency through the disclosure of implicit assumptions in programming
  • Enabling scientific discourse and peer review of individual libraries and code parts and thus, easier use of already peer-reviewed code parts and libraries in more complex models
  • Improvement of the libraries through cross-institutional use, testing and reporting of bugs

For our institute, this offers the possibility of extending the open science principles to software development. In this sense, required libraries of oemof are used, tested, reviewed and developed and, if necessary, new libraries are added.

Oemof is borne by an association (in founding) and therefore independent and not directly assigned to any institute. This results in a productive exchange between the cooperating institutions and persons beyond research projects. This is promoted in regular meetings.