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Doctors and Health

Medical & Health Services

Medical Service

In Germany, you have a wide selection of general practitioners, as well as specialists in each medical field (e.g. pediatricians, optometrists, dermatologists, etc.). When it comes to selecting a doctor, you are free to choose. To visit a doctor, we do recommend that you make an appointment. The city of Bremen has a database of doctors to choose from.

In case of an emergency, including if you need to see a doctor at night, on a weekend or on a holiday, please contact the emergency medical services (phone number located on the right) or go to the hospital.

Pharmacies and Medicine

In Germany, medicine is only available in pharmacies. Depending on the type of medicine you need, it may be available with or without a prescription. 

The German law on medicine is strict and most medication is only available with a prescription (e.g. antibiotics). This means that the pharmacy will not provide them without an official prescription from your doctor. Your health insurance will generally cover most of the cost for your medication. 

If you need medicine at night, on the weekend or on a holiday, you must contact the emergency pharmacy service. You can find out which pharmacies provide this service through the newspaper or the Internet. This information can also be found on the door of every pharmacy.  



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Emergency Phone Numbers

Police: 110

Fire Services: 112

Emergency Medical Services: 112

Emergency Medical Care (Nights and Weekends)

Emergency Doctors:

+49 421 / 19292

Emergency Pediatrician:

+49 421 / 3404444

North Poison Control Centre:

+49 551 / 19240 

Emergency Pharmacy