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In Bremen the demand for apartments and furnished rooms is high and especially during the summer months hunting for housing can turn into a real challenge. Therefore, it is best to start looking for a place as soon as possible. On the following page we have listed different options to look into depending on the length and purpose of your stay and your personal preferences.

For short visits it's usually best to check into a Hotel, for longer stays you might want a furnished room or apartment and for long and permanent moves to Bremen finding an unfurnished apartment will be the easiest.

The central question that immediately comes up when you are looking for apartments is: "Which district or quarter in Bremen should I move to? In order to support you in this, we offer you a small overview of the city and local districts of Bremen. The University of Bremen is located in the city district Horn-Lehe, the position of each city district can be seen in the attached picture.


All international researchers are welcome to join our Facebook-Group to make connections and get advice from fellow internationals.

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Here you can find a useful overview of abbreviations for house hunting.

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Furnished rooms and apartments are especially suitable for everyone staying for about 3 months or in special cases longer than that. Furnished options are rare on the overall housing market in Bremen but guesthouses, student accommodation and online platforms are worth looking into.


In Germany the majority of apartments are rented out unfurnished. If you are planning to stay longer than 3 months or are looking for a place to decorate to your liking you can find all relevant resources in the following overview


For a visit to Bremen it is usually most comfortable to check into a Hotel, Hostel or Airbnb. We have collected some popular options near campus, in the city center and the wider city area