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B.Sc. Christoph Eschen

M. Sc. Student

Christoph graduated high school with an Abitur in 2016 at “Gymnasium Vegesack”. After that he began studying chemistry at the University of Bremen. He finished his B. Sc. degree in 2020 with a thesis on the synthesis of α-hydroxy-oxocyclohexene carboxylates for the total synthesis of cyclocalopin A in the group of Prof. Spiteller. Afterwards, he worked as a research assistant in the MARUM MPG Bridge Group Marine Glycobiology and joined the Staubitz group for a research internship in 2021. He remained in the group as a research assistant working on the modification of a novel photoswitchable Azobenzene macrocycle via Suzuki cross-coupling. He will be starting his Master Thesis in January 2022, working in the growing field of azaborine chemistry.

Christoph Eschen


Christoph Eschen

Building NW2 C
Room C1340
Leobener Strasse 7
28359 Bremen, Germany
Tel. +49 421 / 218 50265
E-Mail ceschenprotect me ?!uni-bremenprotect me ?!.de