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Go to College – and Then?

Get out of college and get to work. The University of Bremen offers a wide range of support services, even for the time after your studies, so that your career start does not become an obstacle course. Whether you want to go on to study a master’s degree directly after your bachelor’s studies, find a suitable position in your home country or abroad, start your own business, or pursue an academic career with a doctorate, the university offers information and counseling for every matter. Those seeking advice can contact the Career Center, the internship offices (“Praxisbüros”) of the faculties, and the BYRD support center for early-career researchers. The Academy of Continuing Education offers further qualifications, and you can stay in touch with the university through the alumni network Community Bremen.

Ready to Join the Professional Ranks

You can talk about your professional interests and job market perspectives and discuss individual qualification goals in personal counseling sessions with the Career Center counselors. You can find event offers for professionally relevant extracurricular skills with which you can prepare yourself in advance for the requirements of professional practice in the online event directory under “Supplementary Degree Courses” and under “Interdisciplinary Study Programs,” as well as under “Events” on the pages of the Career Center.

Job Search

Do you want or need to work? Are you looking for a job or a company where you can write your thesis? You can find suitable offers in the job and applicant portal and via the job placement service of the Federal Employment Agency in the Career Center. A comprehensive selection of links to national and international internship and job exchanges sorted by profession or country can be found under “Links” on the Career Center page. You can get to know companies in person at the annual Praxisbörse job fair event. Are you interested in a job at the University of Bremen? Then you will find what you are looking for on the page “The University as an Employer.”


For those who are interested in research-based learning during their studies, a doctorate could be the next qualification goal – structured within the framework of a graduate school or in contact with a doctoral adviser. The Bremen Early Career Researcher Development (BYRD) support center can help. Projects such as e n t e r s c i e n c e for students with a migrant background and perspektive promotion can provide a decision-making aid for entering the world of research and science.

Continuing Education

Would you like to continue your education after your studies or during your professional career? The Academy of Continuing Education at the University of Bremen offers a wide range of opportunities for continued learning: individual modules on current topics, seminars and continuing education courses with a certificate, guest auditor programs, and part-time master’s degree courses. The new LIFE module course enables professionals to take part in regular apprenticeship modules, take examinations, and earn credit points.

Mentoring & Coaching

The university’s mentoring and coaching programs make it easier for you to start your professional or academic career, or support you on your further career paths

  • ProMentes
  • MINT Coaching
  • navigare Career Coaching for Women in Science
  • perspective promotion
  • plan m - mentoring in science

Welcome to Bremen

Bremen braucht alle Köpfe (“Bremen needs all the brains”) is a program of the state of Bremen that supports foreign graduates in their job search in Bremen. The University of Bremen additionally supports and accompanies this with its own offers from the International Office, such as the Welcome Center for international scientists and the project “Mind the Gap” for international students in the final phase of their studies. Students can get counseling on internships and career entry in the Career Center.

Master's Degree Course

The University of Bremen offers over 50 different master’s degree courses, 15 of which are in English, with another 20 multilingual master’s degree courses. The proportion of international students is particularly high here, as is the proximity to research groups. The study centers of the faculties provide counseling on technical content.

Keeping in Touch

No, the Alumni Network is not just about reliving stories from the past. Instead, former students (alumnus is Latin for “former pupil”) meet there and exchange contacts, experiences, and views of their current (professional) world. Information events, company explorations, celebrations, expert discussions, and discourses with those responsible at the University of Bremen or in Bremen’s society are part of the program. Further advantages of membership are discounts and continued use of your university mail account.