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I would like to change my subject or degree program and/or transfer from another university to the University of Bremen - what do I have to do?

The application for a change of university and subject is made via the MOIN application portal.

The MOIN portal is open for applications during the following period:

► For undergraduate programs (Bachelor's degree and first law degree):

  •     For the summer semester: beginning of December until January 15. For the summer semester, application is only possible for a higher semester (exception: vocational education - mechatronics).
  •     For the winter semester: beginning of May until July 15.  For the winter semester, application is possible for the 1st and higher subject semesters.

► For Master's programs:

Each Master's degree program specifies the semester for which an application for the first or higher subject semester is possible. In the Master's portal, each Master's program specifies at which semester an application is possible as a freshman. Advanced students can usually apply for both the summer and winter semester. The deadlines for applying for the first or advanced semester are usually the same.

If you apply online via the MOIN portal of the University of Bremen, you will be asked at the beginning whether you would like to apply for the 1st or for a higher semester. The reason for this is that the application procedures for the 1st semester and for a higher semester differ significantly. Who has to apply and how is explained below.

The application procedure for higher semesters does not differentiate between subject semesters, i.e. it does not matter whether you apply for the 2nd or the 5th subject semester, for example. It is also not necessary to have course credits recognized or to apply for a subject semester classification before applying for a higher semester. The procedure for the recognition of study achievements only takes place after the change of subject/or university (see below).

Change of Subject and University: Application for the 1st or for a Higher Semester?

In the following cases, an application must be made as a freshman to the first semester of study:

  • You have never studied before.
  • The subject or course of study is to be changed and there are not enough credits for an advanced certificate.
  • You have completed a Bachelor's degree and would like to apply for a Master's degree.


In the following cases, an application for a higher subject semester must be made:

  •  After a change of university or location, you would like to continue your studies at the University of Bremen in the same field of study with the same degree.
  •  After a temporary interruption you would like to continue your studies at the University of Bremen in the same field of study with the same degree.
  • You have already studied and for the new subject credits can be credited (lateral entry). In this case, the Student Office will check whether an application as an advanced must be made. Early application is strongly recommended.

Attention: Special regulation for change in the winter semester for multi-subject study programs:
However, if only one subject is changed for the winter semester in a Bachelor's degree with several subjects and the other subject(s) is/are retained, the entire application must be made as a beginner for the 1st subject semester. Therefore, as soon as the application for one subject must be made for the 1st semester for a multi-subject program, the entire application has to be sent as an 1st semester application.
For new and discontinued degree programs, please note: Admission as an advanced student only goes according to the course offered, i.e. advanced can only  be enrolled if the course is offered in the corresponding semester.

Please note the following: For the summer semester 2023, there are no places available for advanced applicants for the following degree programs: 


  • Psychology (Psychologie)


  • International Relations: Global Governance and Social Theory
  • Marine Microbiology
  • Psychology
  • Transnational Law (Hanse Law School)
For the summer semester 2023, there are only places available for certain semesters in the following degree programs:


  • Industrial Mathematics (Industriemathematik):  Admission of advanced students with a maximum of 1 semester of study. Advanced students with at least 3 semesters of study matriculate into the Technomathematics program).
  • Mechanical and Process Engineering(Maschinenbau und Verfahrenstechnik): Advanced enrollment with a maximum of 1 semester. Advanced students with at least 3 semesters matriculate in the Production Engineering - Mechanical and Process Engineering program.


  • European Politics (Europapolitik) (admission of advanced students with a maximum of 1 semester)
  • Industrial Mathematics and Data Analysis (admission of advanced students with a maximum of 1 semester of study. Advanced students with at least 2 semesters of study matriculate into the Master of Technomathematics)
  • Management Information Systems (admission of advanced students with a maximum of 1 semester)
  • Mathematics (admission of advanced students with a maximum of 1 semester of study. Advanced students with at least 2 semesters of study matriculate into the Master Mathematics)
  • Politics - Labor - Economics (M.Ed.) (Politik - Arbeit - Wirtschaft) (advanced students with at least 3 semesters of study matriculate into the M.Ed. Political Science)

How do I prove that I am advanced?

To be able to apply as an advanced student, you must be (have been) enrolled in the same subject with the same degree (= change of location) or you can provide evidence of study achievements for the new subject to the following extent.

Undergraduate Study (Bachelor and First Law Exam)
Bachelor's single major subject (in German: Vollfach), Bachelor's major subject (in German: Profilfach): 10 CP
Bachelor's minor subject (in German: Komplementärfach), teacher education subject for Secondary School (in German: Gymnasium/Oberschule),  teacher education subject for Primary Schools and Inclusive Education at Primary Schools (big subject) (in German: Grundschule/Inklusive Pädagogik, großes Fach): 6 CP

This minimum number of CP must be demonstrated by the application deadline for degree programs with restricted admission. In the case of degree programs with open admissions, the minimum CP must be proven by September 30 when applying as an advanced student for the winter semester, and by March 31 when applying for the summer semester.

Master's degree program: 10 CP
Proof of CP must be submitted by the application deadline for admission-restricted Master's programs, and by two weeks after the start of the course for open-admission Master's programs (usually the end of October for the winter semester and mid to late April for the summer semester).

Please note: Currently, all admission regulations are being adapted to the deadline for open-admission Master's programs. Older admission regulations may also state a different deadline. However, for open-admission Master's programs, the deadline of two weeks after the start of the course for the advanced proof of 10 CP applies in any case.

How many applications may advanced students submit?

Advanced applicants can only submit one online application.

If you apply for a Bachelor's degree with two subjects, you will only be considered an advanced candidate if you have creditable examination results in both subjects. If only one subject is retained and a new second subject is chosen, an application must be submitted as a beginner:in. As a beginner:in, multiple online applications may be submitted.

Only one application is possible for Master's programs.


Is it possible to change the subject for the summer semester?

In the summer semester, the University of Bremen does not accept first-year students (exception: "Berufliche Bildung - Mechatronik), so that only advanced students can apply who have at least one semester's worth of credit for their chosen field of study (see above for the exact minimum number of CP).

Students of the University of Bremen who wish to change their field of study or degree program are strongly advised to seek advice on their transfer options from the Central Student Advisory Service.

Attention: A number of subjects offer one-year introductory modules that students cannot enter in the summer semester. Therefore, even if you are offered a place on the course in the summer semester, you are not necessarily guaranteed to be able to continue your studies quickly. Please inquire about this with the departmental advisor or the study center for your field of study.

When will I receive the letter of acceptance and what documents do I have to submit?

If you have applied online via MOIN, you will receive an e-mail approx. 4-6 weeks after the application deadline informing you whether you have been admitted to the desired subject/program. In this case, you can view and download the admission notice in the MOIN portal under your account.

The admission notice lists the documents required for enrollment. You must submit these documents to the Student Office by mail.

If you receive a rejection notice, you will remain enrolled in your previous program, provided you have re-registered for your old program.

When should I exmatriculate?

It is not possible to be enrolled at several universities at the same time. Therefore, a certificate of exmatriculation from the previous university must be submitted when changing universities. Applicants for subjects with restricted admission should, however, wait with the exmatriculation until they have obtained a study place at the University of Bremen.

Exmatriculation is not required for a change of program or subject within the University of Bremen. If you do not receive a notice of admission after applying for a change to a restricted-admission program, you will remain enrolled in the previous program if you have paid the semester fee.

When are academic credits recognized?

Only after successful matriculation at the University of Bremen an application for recognition of previous academic achievements can be submitted to the responsible Examination Office.

If you would like to obtain information on the recognition of academic achievements before transferring, you should contact the departmental advising service or the study center. On our course offerings page, you will find the departmental advising or study centers under the contact information for the respective field of study.

There are no fixed deadlines for the application for recognition at the Examination Office, but it is advisable to apply quickly in order to plan your further studies. Study achievements do not have an "expiry date", however, examination regulations change from time to time, so that the recognition regulations also change as a result.

Students transferring to teacher training programs should first contact the Study Center at the Center for Teacher Education - especially because of the required school internships.

Chances of success for change of university

If the course of study at the University of Bremen has no restricted admission, the change is no problem.

If the course has restricted admission, the application will have to be processed in the course of an admission procedure. As a rule, there are only a few places available for restricted admission subjects. These are awarded primarily to university transfer student. Applications for a study place via lateral entry in subjects with restricted admission will only be considered in the event that study places have remained vacant following the admission of university changeover students. The chance to get a place in a restricted subject via lateral entry is therefore usually very low!

At the University of Bremen, only the average grade of the higher education entrance qualification, usually Abitur, is taken into account as the award criterion. Waiting times do not play a role.

IMPORTANT: Program-specific requirements!
At the University of Bremen many program-specific requirements must be evidenced with the application (for example, language certificates, music entrance examination, internships). You will find the requirements specific to your field of study in the Studies Database.

Change of subject or university after final failed examination

After a final failed exam, a change of study program or subject within the University of Bremen is often only possible to a limited extent. Advice and information on your further study options after a final fail is offered by the Central Student Advisory Service.

Change of subject and BAföG

If you receive BAföG, be sure to seek advice from the BAföG & Sozialberatung at the AStA or the BAföG office before changing your subject.