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You will find many answers to your questions about the application procedure, matriculation and general questions in our FAQs.

If you cannot find the answer to your question there, please contact the Student Office.


Due to the situation no consultation hours are offered. You can reach us by mail and telephone.

Office for Student Affairs

Any questions? Check our FAQ!

VWG Building, Ground floor
Office hours: Mon, Tue, Thu 9 a.m. - 12 p.m, Wed 2 p.m. - 4 p.m.
+49 (0)421 218-61110
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Application Hotline


Where can I get advice on specific questions regarding my study program?

For questions concerning your studies, please contact the Central Student Advisory Service.

If you are interested in a specific degree program, you can find information on the pages of the Studies Database. There you will also find contact details for the respective degree program.


I’ve lost my Semester Ticket / my Semester Ticket has been stolen. How can I get a new one?

Come to the Office for Student Affairs with the completed application for a reprint of the semester ticket and a photograph during our opening hours, and you will receive new semester documents.


Whom should I notify about a change of address?

Notify the Office for Student Affairs with the address changing form, by e-mail, fax or post.


Where and how do I obtain a certificate of matriculation / a certified transcript of studies / confirmation of pension insurance?

From the Student Office: You can either come personally during our opening hours or you can send an e-mail with the completed form to sfs.onlineprotect me ?!uni-bremenprotect me ?!.de


I wish to take leave of absence from my studies. What must I do?

For leave of absence you have to hand in the application for leave of absence. For more information, please go to our website.


Can I pick up my semester documents personally from the Student Office?

No, because the semester documents are printed and sent by an external provider.


I have an application for  a half-orphan's pension. How should I proceed?

As a rule, a signed and stamped certificate of matriculation is sufficient.

This can be obtained during opening hours from the Student Office.


I have received a payment overdue notice, although I have already transferred my semester dues. What can I do?

The following reasons are possible:

  • Overlapping of dates for bank transfer, posting and dispatch of notice
  • Error in bank transfer details
  • Current health insurance certificate not available
  • Declaration of acceptance/extension of declaration of acceptance missing:

Please check your bank transfer details on the basis of the information provided.

If you already correctly provided this information, please scan your bank statement and send it by e-mail to


I have a question concering tution fees. Whom should i contact?

All information on tuition fees can be found here.


I want to be exmatriculated. How do I proceed?

In general, an application for exmatriculation is possible at any time on your own application.

Please also submit the original copy of your student ID card if you want the de-registration date to be before the end of the semester (31.03. or 30.09.).

After completing your studies, you will automatically be exmatriculated at the end of the semester (31.03. or 30.09.).

Application procedure

How do I apply for a study place?

To apply as a first-year student, you must register at Hochschulstart. Once you have registered at Hochschulstart you will receive your applicant identification number (BID) and applicant authentication number (BAN). Then register in the online portal "moin" of the University of Bremen. Here you must enter the BID and BAN you received from Hochschulstart.

Please note that you cannot register with the user data of Hochschulstart in the online portal of the University of Bremen.

- If you do not yet have a user account, please register first under the menu item "Create new account".

- You will then receive the access data for your applicant account by e-mail.

- After receiving your access data, please log in to the portal.

- In the next step, please change your initial password.

- Then complete the details for determining responsibility and choose an application procedure.

- Fill out the online application completely and send it electronically to the University of Bremen.

You will then receive a confirmation e-mail.

Applicants for advanced studies can only apply via the online portal "moin" of the University of Bremen.


If you have any questions regarding your application, the application hotline is available from May 2 to September 30. The number to dial is: (0)421 218 61234.


How many study programs am I allowed to apply for?

First-year students can submit up to 12 applications to the University of Bremen and the other universities participating in the Dialog-Oriented Service Procedure.
Applicants for advanced studies can only submit one application for a higher semester.


Can I also apply by post?

You cannot apply by post. All applications must be submitted online.


What deadlines must be observed?

The following deadlines are cut-off dates for all bachelor's programs and law studies (First State Examination). The deadlines apply to first-year students as well as to advanced students and high school graduates. Applications for admission received at a later date will not be considered.


- For the winter semester: July 15

- For the summer semester: January 15


What type of higher education entrance qualification (HZB) do I have?

You can find some examples of higher education entrance qualifications here.


Can I study at the University of Bremen with a qualification for admittance to a university of applied sciences?

No, having graduated from a university of applied sciences does not qualify you to study at the University of Bremen.


I don't have a university entrance qualification. What options do I have?

It is under certain conditions possible to apply for a study place without possessing a university entrance qualification. You can find more information here.


Should I send my university entrance qualification certificate together with the online application?


Only when you have been admitted will you be asked to submit documents for matriculation (including an officially certified copy of your higher education entrance qualification) together with the signed acceptance of your place of study.


When do I have to submit which documents?

Before the application deadline of July 15 or January 15, an application is only required online without submitting further documents.

Only in the event of admission or acceptance of the admission offer will we request the following documents within 7 days of receipt of the notification of admission/registration confirmation for matriculation:

- Signed acceptance of study place

- Officially certified copy of the higher education entrance qualification (HZB)

- In the case of a higher education entrance qualification obtained from other EU countries: an

  officially certified copy of the certificate, translation and officially certified proof of German   

  language skills

- Proof of health insurance for submission to universities

- If applicable, evidence of the requirements specific to the study program

- If applicable, certificate of exmatriculation from the German university at which you were enrolled  

  in the immediately preceding semester.

Required language certificates must be received by the Student Office by September 15 or March 15.


What are program-specific requirements?

You can find information on program-specific requirements here.


Is my case a change of field, change of university or a change of subject?

University changers (German: Hochschulwechsler) are students enrolled at other universities in the same subject with the same degree as that for which they are applying at the University of Bremen. University changers can only apply as advanced students for a higher semester, the number of semesters studied being updated consecutively. Admission as an advanced student on a bachelor’s degree course is only possible if the program is offered in the corresponding semester.

Students from the University of Bremen – or another university – who would like to change their subject and/or degree are called subject changers (German: Fachwechsler). A change of subject usually takes place in the winter semester and places you in the 1st semester of the new subject. Even if you are already enrolled at the University of Bremen, you must still apply again online.

Lateral entrants (German: Quereinsteiger) are students from Bremen University or another university who apply for a place to study in a higher semester in a subject related to the one they are currently enrolled in. Prerequisite for this is the transfer of credits acquired in at least one semester from their previous studies at the University of Bremen or another university.


What are the conditions of restricted admission for my subject?

The conditions applied in the last approval procedures can be found here.


Under what circumstances can I apply for preferential admission?

If you have done voluntary service, you are entitled to admission if

  - you had previously been admitted to the study program in question at the beginning or during your period of service, or

  - if no admission restriction was set for the program at the beginning or during your period of service.


What is recognized as voluntary service?

- a period of voluntary military service for up to three years,

 - community service as well as service abroad in accordance with § 14 b of the Civil Service Act,

 - a voluntary social year,

 - a voluntary ecological year,

 - a period of European voluntary service,

 - International Youth Volunteer Service,

 - Federal Voluntary Service or

 - participation in the Weltwärts and Kulturweit funding programs, each for at least six months,

 - at least two years service as a development aid worker,

 - the care of a natural/adopted child under the age of 18 or of another relative in need of care for up to three years.


For example, what is not considered a "service"?

 - Au pair

 - Work & Travel


Under what circumstances can I submit a special application to lift my grade or shorten the waiting time?

Lifting your average grade
Special reasons in the person of the applicant, who is not responsible for this, and which prevented him/her from achieving a better grade average. This includes applicants who, through no fault of their own, were prevented from performing to their full potential at school. (PLEASE ENCLOSE SCHOOL REPORT)


Shortening of waiting time

Special reasons in the person of the applicant, who is not responsible for this, and which prevented him/her from being allocated shorter waiting time. This includes applicants who, through no fault of their own, were prevented from obtaining their higher education entrance qualification earlier. (PLEASE ENCLOSE SCHOOL REPORT)


Will my average grade be lifted to take account of waiting time?

The average grade is not lifted:

20% of the places are allocated after waiting time. The waiting period is the period after the Abitur in which the student did not study in Germany. Example: An applicant goes abroad for one year as an au-pair after the Abitur or does a three-year apprenticeship: This results in 2 or 6 semesters of waiting time respectively.

A maximum of 8 waiting semesters are taken into account.

Applicants who have had to wait more than 8 semesters will be ranked in a random order. Waiting periods are accumulated regardless of whether you have actually applied for a study place.


What counts as recognized voluntary service?

Please see the information on the web pages of Hochschulstart.


Do I benefit from having participated in voluntary service?

Only in the case of equal ranking, i.e. the same average grade and the same number of semesters spent waiting, will candidates with a recognized period of voluntary service be preferred.

The period of service completed after obtaining the university entrance qualification (Abitur) is automatically counted as a waiting period.

You may be entitled to preferential admission. You are entitled to such admission if you have been admitted to the study program in question at the beginning or during a period of service.


What are the special features of the two-subject Bachelor's program and the teacher training programs?

Please see the information on two-subject bachelor degree programs here.

Please see the information on teacher training here.


Why does the online application contain so many questions about my previous studies?

You will often be asked about your previous studies in various steps of the online application, although you may already have answered this question already even more than once. We apologize for the inconvenience. The information is required in the online application to comply with technical parameters.


Why do I have to re-enter my history of studies when making  multiple applications?

For technical reasons, it is necessary to enter your study history with every application. We apologize for this inconvenience.


Why is my status entered as "Received" and not "Valid"?

The status "valid" appears when the applications are approved by the university. This approval can only be given at the University of Bremen when the application deadline is over (i.e. after July 15). The status that you can see in the online portal of the University of Bremen is more important. If this status reads "Participation in the award procedure", your application is complete and can be confirmed after the application deadline. It will then state the status "valid" for Hochschulstart.


What happens if I withdraw my application?

A withdrawn application will not be included in the award procedure.

A new application with the same choice of subjects cannot now be submitted. You must reactivate the withdrawn application once again.


I have made a mistake in my application and would now like to make changes. What must I do?

Please contact us by e-mail at sfs.onlineprotect me ?!uni-bremenprotect me ?!.de. The Student Office will then reopen your application for processing.

Please do not withdraw your application and do not start a new application with the same study wish.


I have accepted a study place but do not intend to take it up. What must I do?

All you need to do is send us an informal e-mail stating that you wish to withdraw.

Alternatively you can use the following form.

You will receive confirmation that your enrolment has been revoked.


How do I participate in the draw and the re-offering procedure?

If you have received a rejection notice for the desired course of studies due to capacity reasons, you will automatically take part in any replacement procedure and/or draw procedure that may take place. Only positive decisions will be made in the move-up/move-down procedure, i.e. only confirmations for a study place will be sent, no further rejection.


 [D1]I assume this has not been translated…


Do I have to submit my documents for enrolment personally?

Submission by post is sufficient.

However, you can also submit your documents personally at our information counter in the administration building or in one of the letterboxes.


I cannot personally sign my acceptance form. What can I do?

If, you have a good reason for not being able to sign the acceptance form in person, it is possible to issue a power of attorney to a person you trust. The authorized person may sign the acceptance form on your behalf. It is important that you submit the power of attorney and a copy of your identity card as well as a copy of the identity card of the authorized person.


Which documents have to be officially certified?

The following documents must be submitted to us in officially certified form:

- Higher education entrance qualification

- Language certificates


Can I have my certificates certified at the University of Bremen?

The University of Bremen does not certify documents.


Who can certify my documents?

Outside of Germany:
Diplomatic Representations of the Federal Republic of Germany

In Germany:
Registration offices, municipal administrations, town hall administrations), district administrations, courts, notaries

Schools and state colleges may only certify the certificates they issue themselves.

Church congregations, health insurance funds and banks are not allowed to officially certify certificates.


What kind of proof of health insurance must I submit to enroll?

Students at state or state-recognized universities are subject to statutory health insurance until they complete their 14th semester, at the latest until they reach the age of 30. For matriculation, please submit a so-called "Bescheinigung zur Vorlage bei der Hochschule” (certificate for submission to the university).

If you are insured privately for health insurance, you must apply for exemption from compulsory insurance by a statutory health insurance company.