Digitale Medien (Master)

Digital Media

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    Digitale Medien (Master)

Title on graduation
Master of Science (M.Sc.)

Standard course length
4 Semester

Language of delivery

Application period (beginner)
winter semester: 01.04. - 31.05.

Restricted admission

Study description

Communication, work, or leisure time: Digital media are changing the world, while at the same time being subject to perpetual change themselves, often at a rapid pace. Only if we learn to live with this process of constant revision will we be able to mold the future according to our needs, both professional and personal.

Media connect people, and digital media do so using connected computers that in turn interact with humans. Human-computer interaction has many facets, involving new devices and interaction metaphors, scientific evaluation, user experience design, (serious) games, computer graphics, cognitive foundations, as well as interactive art in a virtual or physical form and ultimately cultural and social questions. The computer is the central tool for digital media; therefore, programming is a central skill that allows “creating your own media without the bonds of existing software tools” (D. Shiffman). Building on this essential skill as a prerequisite, the program addresses algorithmic questions, e.g. in computer graphics or machine…

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