Geowissenschaften (Bachelor)


  • Geländeübung Harz

Title on graduation
Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.)

Standard course length
6 Semester

Language of delivery

Application period (beginner)
winter semester: 01.05 - 15.07.
summer semester: 01.12. - 15.01.

Open admission

Researcher Bachelor by choice as

  • single major subject

Study description

The aim of geosciences is to understand the Earth system and contribute to its sustainable development. Processes running on the surface and inside the earth may have occurred in a deep geological past, but have been preserved to present as a rock formation, fossil or usable deposit. Current geoprocesses affect us in many ways: they preserve habitats through the formation of new nutrients, soils and groundwater, but can also cause great damage as earthquakes, volcanic eruptions or storms. The earth offers almost inexhaustible energy sources (wind, radiation, geothermal energy), while many mineral and fossil raw materials will be depleted in the near future. In climate research, knowledge of the past creates a detailed understanding of all elements of the climate system in order to predict the consequences of current climate change.

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