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Program Orientation



Central Student Advisory Service

Telephone advisory hours:
Mon, Tue, Thu 9-12 a.m., Wed 2-4 p.m.

+49 (0) 421 218-61160
zsbprotect me ?!uni-bremenprotect me ?!.de

Advice at the University of Bremen

The University of Bremen advises and supports you in your concerns. Here you will find contact points for all your matters: Support in making study decisions, advice on all aspects of studying, support in personal problem situations, questions on studying with children and other topics.


What is it like to study at university?

Find out! You can spend some time studying with our student Study Pilots before you formally take up studies yourself. Our Study Pilots are students from different disciplines, who are happy to answer your questions and take you along with them to explore day-to-day student life on campus, so that you can benefit from their experience. But you can also get a picture of the University with a self-organized trial experience.


Student counseling in Schools

Every year during the period from November to April, the Central Student Advisory Service offers special events for Bremen schools in at which high school students get the most important information about their future studies.


School Visits at the University

As a teacher in a high school class, you have the opportunity to organise a university day together with the Central Student Advisory Service.



When looking for orientation about what to study, you can also use so-called self-tests or self-assessments for yourself. These tests are designed to identify your personal inclinations and interests as well as your strengths and abilities. The purpose of these tests is to give an assessment of which subjects or fields you might be most interested in, or how well your personal characteristics fit into specific subjects or fields.


Information day for prospective students

Every year in May the information day for prospective students (short: isi) takes place. Here you can find more information (in German).



Events for Study Orientation

As a pupil in the upper secondary school you have the opportunity to take part in various orienting events at the University of Bremen (in German) in order to gain an insight into various subjects and to facilitate your study decision.