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Institut Ozeanographie


EINBLICKE (English: Insights) gives a insight into a study program chosen from a field of the sciences, mathematics or engineering at the University of Bremen. From 15th of June you can take part in special lectures and hands-on exercises that provide an opportunity to get to know typical course contents of the subjects and clarify any questions you may have in conversation with professors and students.

In order to participate in EINBLICKE, it is necessary that you speak German very well.

INSIGHTS provide an insight into following study programs of the University of Bremen. The linked websites are only in German language.

You can clarify questions in online-conversation with students. Questions like: Which of these subjects suits me? What will be expected of me during my studies?

EINBLICKE is addressed to all prospective students who are interested in mathematical, scientific or technical subjects or in psychology.

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Registration is only possible online on the website of the Virtuellen Informatioswochen für Studieninteressierte for the relevant degree programmes. The places in the subjects are limited and will be allocated in the order of registration. After registration you will receive an e-mail.


The participation in EINBLICKE events is free of charge.