Teacher Education at the University of Bremen


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Study Contents

Teacher training consists of

  • Subjects and subject didactics in two or three subjects (depending on the teacher)
  • Educational Science with Educational Modules and Key Qualifications / Dealing with Heterogeneity
  • School internships : orientation internship and practice-oriented elements in the Bachelor's degree; 3-month practical semester in the Master of Education

Want to be a teacher?

Are you considering whether you want to enter the teaching profession? Are you still unsure in your decision? Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Do the tasks of teachers correspond to my interests and expectations?
  • Am I up to the demands of the profession with my personal qualities and inclinations?
  • Do I know enough about the studies involved and the following traineeship ?

Here you will find information about the study and vocational decision of the Magisterium .

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... expiring study structure

  • Important information on the expiring study structure can be found on the ZfL homepage under -> Studies -> Discontinuing study structure