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Teacher Training for Inclusive Education at Primary Schools

Bachelor & Master of Education

Within Teacher Education at the University of Bremen, you can study inclusive education / special needs education in combination with the teacher training for elementary schools. You study three subjects in the consecutive Bachelor / Master structure.


  1. Bachelor “Educational Sciences of the Primary and Elementary Area (BiPEb)”

              6 semesters, 180 CP, standard period of study 3 years

        2. Master of Education (in the new structure from WiSe 2014/15)

              4 semesters, 120 CP, standard period of study 2 years


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Subject combinations

You study two majors and one minor subject. The subject "Inclusive Education" must be taken as one of your majors. Either German or elementary mathematics must be taken as the second major. Which of the subjects you choose as a minor from the electives is up to you.


They study two large subjects and one small subject.


Required courses


It is not possible to completely avoid overlapping when studying three courses at the same time. HOWEVER, the University of Bremen Strives to Provide a Largely Non- overlapping course offer.

Program Structure


Subject sciences and reference disciplines as well as subject didactics


Inclusive Education, 51 CP

... of which 39 CP subject sciences, reference disciplines, and specialization; 12 CP subject didactics, including practical

Major B, 51 CP

... of which 39 CP subject science and 12 CP didactics including, practical

Minor subject, 24 CP

... of which 15 CP subject science and 9 CP subject didactics



Educational sciences incl. 6 CP school internship, 33 CP

Key Qualifications / Handling Heterogeneity, 9 CP

Bachelor thesis in one of the major subjects or in EW, 12 CP , 12 CP

Master of Education

Subject and reference sciences and subject didactics


Inclusive Education, 24 CP

... including 12 CP subject and reference sciences and 12 CP subject didactics

Major B, 24 CP

... of which 12 CP subject science and 12 CP subject didactics



Minor subject, 18 CP

... including 6 CP subject science and 12 CP didactics



Pedagogy, 9 CP

Generic qualifications / Handling Heterogeneity, 9 CP

Practical semester: In-school practical, 15 CP

Master's module in subject didactics of major or educational science, 21 CP

Program Profile

The bachelor's program "BiPEb" has a strong career orientation with regards to teaching at elementary schools or for IP / special education. Application-oriented components such as subject didactics, educational science and school internship account for almost 50% of the study program. However, the content of the bachelor's program does not solely train for the teaching profession. Graduates from the program are also qualified for career entry into extracurricular professions or other master's programs.

In the Master of Education IP / Special Needs Education, program orientation to the teaching profession is continued. In addition to the subject sciences of the three subjects, content related to teaching is dealt with to the same extent.

Here, too, subject sciences are taught to the same extent as teacher training elements.

Distinguishing features of studies at the University of Bremen


  • Dealing with heterogeneous learning groups is a compulsory area of ​​study
  • Double qualification in Inclusive Education / Special-needs Education and teaching for elementary school
  • Practical semester in the Master of Education

Double qualification

The Bachelor “BiPEb” with a consecutive Master of Education always qualifies students for the professional goal of teaching at primary schools.

If you take "Inclusive Education" as one of your three subjects, you will automatically complete the Master of Education: You can then complete the Traineeship traineeship course either with the aim of teaching at elementary schools or with the goal of teaching in inclusive education / special needs education. So you can head for both career goals during your studies; the decision for one of the two cases during the application for the legal clerkship .


Links and Downloads for ...

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  • Examination Regulations in the Database Study of the respective subject under "Formalities and Regulations" or in the
  • Central Examination Office under Bachelor -> Educational Sciences of the Primary and Pre-primary Education
  • Course of study and module descriptions for EW also on the homepage of the department 12

... subject including pedagogy

  • Information brochure Teaching including Pedagogy / Special Education [PDF] (293 KB)
  • Information brochure of the subject including pedagogy [PDF] (164 KB)
  • Homepage of the subject Including pedagogy
  • Project "Men in elementary school"

... teaching in general

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... expiring study structure

  • For students of the University of Bremen, who have started their bachelor studies before the winter semester 2011/12 and are studying according to an expiring examination regulations, a different study structure applies !