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Re-Enrollment and Semester Contribution


You are responsible for re-enrollment yourself – you will not receive a separate request to do so.

Students intending to continue their studies in the coming semester enroll by transferring the semester fee before the deadline (until February 15 or August 15).

Please note that your current address must be available to us and any changes to your health insurance must be evidenced by a new insurance certificate. Students who do not respond properly by transferring the semester fee will be de-registered.

For a leave-of-absence semester with / without a semester ticket or a semester abroad (exemption from the semester ticket), an application must be submitted to the Office for Student Affairs by the end of the re-registration deadline (February 2 / August 8 of each year).
If there are no objections, the registration or enrollment will be carried out by the Office for Student Affairs upon receipt of the full semester contribution. You will then receive your study documents including the semester ticket by surface mail.
The semester documents include:

  • Your master data sheet for storage for the exam
  • Your student ID
  • University registration document
  • Your semester ticket
  • Your Bafög certificate
  • An application form for leave of absence / semester abroad for the coming semester


Office for Student Affairs
VWG, ground floor

Office hours: Mon, Tue, Thu 9-12 a.m., Wed 2-4 p.m.

+49 (0)421 218-61110
sfsprotect me ?!uni-bremenprotect me ?!.de

Change of contribution


We would like to inform you that the administrative fees for students have been reduced by  €  12,- according to an edict of the Senator of Science.

The reduction will be effective for the upcoming winter semester 2018/2019, so the amount due for payment will be € 349,12  instead of € 361,12.

You will receive further information via E-Mail.

Semester Contribution

The semester contribution consists of the following individual compulsory items and is to be transferred in the total amount:

Winter Semester 2018/19

CurrencyStudy semesterLeave of absence with semester ticket

Vacation semester without semester ticket / semester abroad

Student Service



AstA contribution




Semester ticket



Administrative feeEUR62,00




EUR 349,12349,12 *149,00

*Changes in the contribution regulations for the Studentenwerk Bremen.

For leave of absence owing to military or voluntary service (FSJ, FÖJ), illness or parental leave, the semester fee is reduced by 75 euro.

In the case of a second leave of absence in a row, the share for the administration fee generally ceases to apply.

Here you will find an overview of the semester fees of the past semesters (in German only).

In the case of a refund, please complete the application for reimbursement of student contributions.

Field for credit transferdescription
RecipientLandeshauptkasse Bremen
Credit instituteNorddeutsche Landesbank (NORD/LB)

DE79 2905 0000 1070 5009 97

Purpose (for Winter Semester 2018/19)270218 and your personal matriculation number (this is a number without spaces and without text*

*Example: 2701181234567
270 = Universität Bremen, 2 = Winter Semester, 18 = year 2018, 1234567 = your seven-digit student ID numer; six-digit numbers must be preceded by "0" .


If you withdraw from classes during the semester or have paid too much, you have the option of receiving a refund.
You can request a refund with the Request for a Refund form.

The following fees can be reimbursed:

Student Services Fee (€75.00):
In general, the fee does not apply in the case of leave of absence for the special reasons of parental leave and illness.
In case of withdrawal in the first half of the semester (until December 31 or June 30), the student services fee will be fully refunded.

General Student Committee Fee (€12.00):
This fee is generally nonrefundable. The only exception is the withdrawal of enrollment or re-registration, provided that no semester documents have yet been printed.

Semester Ticket (€200.12):
You have the option of waiving your semester ticket during a leave of absence.
In the event of withdrawal or cancellation of enrollment or re-registration, the semester ticket can only be refunded at the student office if you have not yet used it and lectures have not yet begun.
If you have already used the ticket or if the lecture period has already begun, you can have your semester ticket refunded by the General Student Committee (pro rata for the remaining months to the end of the semester).

Administration Fee (€62.00):
The administration fee does not apply for a second leave of absence in a row.
In the event of withdrawal, the fee is only refundable if no semester documents have yet been printed.

If enrollment or re-registration is withdrawn before the semester documents have been printed, the entire semester fee can be refunded.