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1 x 0,5 Research Associate (doctoral student) in (physics / physical chemistry)

The Institute for Environmental Physics (IUP) at the University of Bremen is offering for the earliest possible date a

Research Associate (doctoral student) in (physics / physical chemistry)

German Federal pay scale E13 TV-L (50%, half salary) for 3 years
- under the condition of job release -

in the research area

Laboratory spectroscopy in UV and near infrared in support of satellite measurements

The time limitation in the contract is subject to the scientific qualification rule according to the Act of Academic Fixed-Term Contract, §2 (1) (WissZeitVG – Wissenschaftszeitvertragsgesetz). Therefore, candidates may only be considered if the accumulated employment period (including this contract) does not exceed the maximum allowed according to §2 (1) WissZeitVG.

Job descriptions:
The Department "Physics and Chemistry of the Atmosphere" of the Institute of Environmental Physics (IUP, of the University of Bremen conducts international research in the field of satellite remote sensing of atmospheric trace gases (climate, air pollution, ozone chemistry). The IUP is involved in a multitude of national and European projects where the data of existing (e.g. SCIAMACHY / ENVISAT, GOSAT, OCO-2) and future (Sentinel-5-Precursor, Sentonel-4, and Sentinel-5) satellites play a central role. The spectral measurements of these satellites contain information on trace gases in the Earth's atmosphere, which play an important role in climate and air pollution. For the evaluation of the spectral data improved spectroscopic parameters of the trace gases from laboratory measurements are indispensable. At present, we are looking for an enthusiastic young scientist for the following research areas of the molecular spectroscopy group:

  • Determination of spectroscopic parameters of methane and other trace gases in near-infrared
  • Measurement of absorption cross section of sulfur dioxide in the UV spectral range at cold temperatures

Our laboratory is equipped with a high-resolution Fourier Transform spectrometer for measurements from the UV to the near-infrared spectral range. Measurements are conducted in a temperature range (200-295 K) which is relevant for atmospheric applications.


  • a university degree in physics or physical chemistry with an average grade better than or equal to 2.0 in the German system or B in the Anglo-Saxon grading system
  • Very good knowledge and relevant experience in at least one of the following fields: molecular spectroscopy, physical chemistry, optics and optics design, laser, absorption, and Fourier transform spectroscopy
  • Very good programming skills in at least one programming language
  • Good communication skills, as required for scientific collaboration with European partners
  • Good knowledge of German and English (written and oral)

The Institute of Environmental Physics offers an excellent working environment, direct involvement in international research and attractive facilities. The possibility of scientific qualification for obtaining a doctoral degree is provided.

General information :

The University of Bremen intends to increase the proportion of women in the field of science and therefore explicitly calls on women to apply.
Persons with a severe handicap will be given priority if they have essentially the same technical and personal qualification. Applications from scientists with migration background are welcomed.

Contact :
For inquiries on the science work please contact:

Dr. Victor Gorshelev, Tel. +49 421 218 62120
see also:

We kindly ask you to send us an application with significant documents (cover letter, CV, certificates) by 18.06.2018, indicating the job ID number A308/ 17 to:

Institute of Environmental Physics
Secretariat Prof. Dr. John P. Burrows
Ms Stephanie Drath
University of Bremen
Otto-Hahn-Allee 1
D-28359 Bremen, Germany

or in electronic form (in a consolidated single PDF file) to sdrathprotect me ?!iup.physik.uni-bremenprotect me ?!.de
Tel .: +49 421 218 62101

For a paper-based application, please make sure that you only send document copies as all received application material.

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