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20 Years of the Studierwerkstatt at the University of Bremen

The Studierwerkstatt study workshop at the University of Bremen teaches students the basics of scientific work, supports them in dealing with learning and examination stress, and prepares them for lectures and examinations. The center turns 20 this year, which it will celebrate on May 8.

Sylvia Schubert-Henning, head of the Studierwerkstatt study workshop, still remembers the beginning well: “When I started at the Studierwerkstatt at the University of Bremen in April 1999 with a part-time position, I wanted to develop workshops that ideally combined success and enjoyment in studying.” That concept continues to prove itself today. Now, around 2,500 students make use of the approximately 200 courses of the center annually, which has its offices on Universitäts-Boulevard opposite the cafeteria. Approximately half of the participants earn credit points within the General Studies framework. The Studierwerkstatt team now comprises five employees, 16 external university lecturers, and one student assistant.

Also Open to Unusual Ideas

It primarily offers workshops in which seminar participants reflect on their individual approach to studying and learning and acquire fundamental principles for everyday student life. For this purpose, the Studierwerkstatt covers four subject areas: study methods, communication and presentations, scientific work and writing, and the training of tutors and coaches. Its task is to assist students with questions about study methods or with deepening their understanding of topics. “Our work is always conducted with mutual respect,” emphasizes Schubert-Henning.

In addition to the workshops, the Studierwerkstatt offers individual coaching as well as relaxation and mindfulness training. It is also open to unusual ideas. For instance, the Studierwerkstatt was one of the first in Germany to organize a “long night of term papers.” At this event, which is now offered in cooperation with the State and University Library (SuUB), participants can work from evening to morning to complete written assignments; all the while, Studierwerkstatt employees are on hand to provide advice.

“Overcoming Inner Weakness and Achieving Goals”

New from this summer semester are the so-called knowledge snacks in the theater under the cafeteria. For around 30 minutes, topics related to scientific work are focused on. The new event format kicks off on May 9, 2019, at 12:15 p.m. with the topic “Overcoming Inner Weakness and Achieving Goals.” The offer is free of charge.

On-Campus Birthday Party on May 8

The Studierwerkstatt would like to celebrate its anniversary with all interested parties on Wednesday, May 8, 2019, with a so-called world café on campus. The events starts at 2 p.m. in room B 3009 in building GW2. After a welcome address by Christina Vocke, head of Student Affairs, and a review of the Studierwerkstatt’s 20 years, there will be various roundtables on teaching and learning until 4 p.m. There will also be live music by Studierwerkstatt employees.

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Entspannt und erfolgreich studieren: Dabei unterstützt die Studierwerkstatt der Universität Bremen seit 20 Jahren.
Relaxed and successful studying: the Studierwerkstatt at the University of Bremen has been supporting this project for 20 years.