Corona: University of Bremen Switches to Digital Classes

The University of Bremen is temporarily switching to online classes. This a reaction to the pandemic development and the high infection numbers. Level four of the Level Plan for Teaching will be in effect from Monday, December 13, 2021, to January 7, 2022.

In order to reduce contacts, as recommended by the German National Academy of Sciences Leopoldina, the University of Bremen will temporarily move from level two to level four of the Level Plan for Teaching. Level four will apply from December 13 to January 7, 2022. Face-to-face teaching on level two is to return afterwards.

In-Person Seminars Only Possible as an Exception

Level four of the Level Plan for Teaching means that all lectures and the majority of seminars will take place digitally. Laboratory sessions and further class formats that cannot be digitalized will continue to take place in person, as will classes in degree courses that contain laboratory sessions, of which the face-to-face continuation is important to ensure the ability to study.

University Learning Spaces and Library Group Working Spaces to Close

Learning spaces on campus will close. The same applies to group working spaces at Bremen State and University Library (SuUB). Individual working spaces in the library will remain available.

No Effect on Exam Phase at the Moment

The University of Bremen currently assumes that the situation will improve thanks to these measures and that the exams at the end of the semester will take place as planned. This means that both the dates and times will remain unchanged and also that exams will be held in person.
Appeal for Vaccination

The best way for this to happen is by means of vaccination. Thus, the University Executive Board asks that everyone get their vaccination. Appointments can be made at

The most important information can be found at


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