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Despite Corona: Economics and IT Students at Summer Camp

46 students from the University of Bremen and the Jacobs University are working for 12 regional companies as part of the PRAXIS Summer Camp held by the Faculty of Business Studies & Economics. The participants will present their results via Zoom on Friday, August 28, 2020.

The participants are developing apps, marketing strategies, and chatbots under the motto “The communication of tomorrow”. Cyber security is also a significant topic and a task aspect for the interdisciplinary teams. Together with the Administrative Unit for University Communication and Marketing from the university, a contribution for its own ends is to be created: The students are designing a campaign for the 50th anniversary of the university next year with a focus on the “we-feeling”.

Expanding Soft Skills

“With the PRAXIS Summer Camp 2020 we want to once more give our students the chance to apply the methodical knowledge acquired during their degrees in practical surroundings and to expand their soft skills, despite the corona crisis,” explains Professor Jörg Freiling, head of the Chair in Small Business & Entrepreneurship (LEMEX). Not only students with a sole business orientation are a part of the team but also students from the fields of industrial engineering, information systems, business psychology, computer science, and digital media. Two students from the Jacobs University are also taking part.

Number of Interested Companies Increasing

Whilst there were initially six companies and 43 students in 2017, the number of interested companies has been increasing steadily. “The word that the teams work outstandingly well has been spread in Bremen’s business world – and some companies use the chance to make contact to talented and dedicated future graduates,” says Maren Hartstock from the Office for Practice and International Affairs within the faculty. “In the end, three weeks of good work are sometimes more convincing than some interviews.”

Network Extended

The organization team for PRAXIS Summer Camp works together with future concepts – digitale innovationsprojekte, an initiative of the Senator for Economy, Labor, and Ports in cooperation with the LEMEX chair. In this year, the network welcomes the Human-Robo-Lab, which views itself as an open transfer initiative that wishes to investigate how robots, technical assistance systems, chatbots, and digital assistants must be designed in order for people to feel comfortable with them.

Press Invite

What the individual projects have determined out will be shown by the students and companies during the final digital presentation between 9 a.m. and 3 p.m. on Friday, August 28, 2020. Press representatives and other interested parties can register by sending an email to

Zoom Conference Registration:

Further Information:

This and other cooperation possibilities for companies together with the Faculty of Business Studies & Economics at the University of Bremen:

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