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University of Bremen Represented Again in DAAD Executive Committee

Major commendation for University of Bremen internationalization work: Professor Karakaşoğlu has been elected onto the DAAD executive committee for the second time. The previous Vice President for International Affairs and Diversity will begin her role on January 1, 2020. Her term will end in 2023.

“I view the re-election by the general assembly as a recognition of my contribution in the areas of consultation and accompaniment of the work of the DAAD”, said Professor Yasemin Karakaşoğlu. Remaining a part of the DAAD executive committee is an extremely important factor for the internationalization of the University of Bremen: “Due to this we are visible with our internationalization activities on a national level, also on a political level with regard to various federal ministries and the representatives of the scientific organizations. Our activities are then addressed politically and can thus be strengthened.”

Two of the Twelve Committee Members Come from Bremen

This political work is also of inestimable value for the University of Bremen, “ as we can influence the discussions and developments that are important for us and can help to design measures and programs”, according to Karakaşoğlu. Another person from Bremen elected onto the executive committee is the President of the Bremen City University of Applied Sciences, Professor Karin Luckey. The DAAD executive committee is made up of a total of 12 members.

Yasemin Karakaşoğlu has been a lecturer of intercultural education in the Faculty of Pedagogy and Educational Sciences at the University of Bremen since 2004. As a researcher in the field of educational migration and chair of the Council for Migration (Rat für Migration e.V.), she is nationally recognized as an expert for questions regarding migration and integration. She held the role of Vice President for International Affairs and Diversity between April 2011 and September 2017.

DAAD – the Worldwide Largest Sponsoring Association

The German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD – Deutscher Akademischer Austauschdienst) is the world’s largest sponsoring association for international student and researcher exchanges. Since its establishment, the DAAD has supported more than 1.9 million academics in their countries and abroad. The DAAD sponsoring programs span from semesters abroad for young students to PhD studies, from internships to visiting professorships, from information-based visits to the development of higher education institutes abroad.

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University of Bremen
Faculty 12
Head of Intercultural Education
Prof. Dr. Yasemin Karakaşoğlu
Phone: 0421 218 60040
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Dr. Annette Lang
Phone: 0421 218 60361
Email: langprotect me ?!uni-bremenprotect me ?!.de

Yasemin Karakaşoğlu
Professor Karakaşoğlu has been elected onto the DAAD executive committee for the second time.