Prof. Dr. Angie Schneider - Faculty of Law

In November 2021, Angie Schneider took on the role of Professor of Civil Law with a focus on family law, labor law, social law, as well as gender studies within the Faculty of Law.

After completing her studies in Düsseldorf and Cologne, she went on to successfully acquire a PhD in 2006 with work in the field of family law at the University of Cologne. In 2014, her habilitation on the topic of law amendment in the area of civil and labor law followed. Prior to this, Angie Schneider held the position of academic councilor at the Institut für Deutsches und Europäisches Arbeits- und Sozialrecht of the University of Cologne. At the University of Bremen, her research will focus on family law, as well as the fields of labor law and gender at the Bremen Institute for Gender, Labour and Social Law (BIGAS).

Prof. Dr. Angie Schneider