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The basis for the recognition of study achievements, which have been provided abroad, is the Learning Agreement (please look here for it). This must always be coordinated with the Office of Practice and International Affairs as well as with their host university at the beginning of a stay abroad or, in the case of changes also during the time abroad. Timely coordination ensures that there is always clarity about the eligible courses. After signing the Learning Agreement, only failed exams mean that courses can not be recognized. There is no obligation to have academic achievements recognized. This is your decision. However, experience has shown that these are rather isolated cases.

The standard rule for recognition of study achievements abroad is a 100% crediting according to the agreed study plan.

The form for recognition can be found on the pages of the Central Examination Office.

In the semester abroad, a full workload of 30 ECTS must be provided, even if only fewer credits are required for the student. Extra points or courses are included in the diploma as additional services.