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Invitation to the online guest lecture by Dr. Rüdiger Fox

Gross Corporate Happiness as a model for the future?! Balance Sheet Reloaded: People as Assets

The lecture will take place in the context of Dr. Denis Pijetlovic's lecture on Human Resources & Organisation in the Department of Economics and is aimed at students, doctoral candidates, postdocs, research assistants and anyone interested in learning more about the "Gross Corporate Happiness" model. Just join us in Zoom - you are very welcome! *

Time: Monday, 18.01.2021 from 16:00 - 17:00 hrs

Location: online meeting via Zoom

Zoom link:

Identifier code: UniBremen

*A film and sound recording will be made during the event. If you participate in the above-mentioned event, you agree that the organisers may use the photo/film and sound recordings without any temporal or spatial restrictions.

Dr. Rüdiger Fox