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Just like the previous years, us Spökos will be holding our annual sport event.

This has always caused a great deal of excitement, but due to the difficult current circumstances, we had to come up with new ideas, as we will be bringing this years competition into your homes. This time, we are going to replace the footballs with controllers and allow all of you to compete against each other in FIFA 21 on the PS4.

On Thursday, January 28th, 2021, we will start with the qualifying round, where you will have to win two matches against a randomly selected opponent to qualify for the final round on Sunday.

On Sunday (January 31st, 2021) you will play in an exciting knockout mode for the tournament victory. So that you can be there with your favorite club without being at a disadvantage, we will play in 90-team mode, in which all teams are equally strong. To provide additional excitement and thrill, the final round will be streamed live on Youtube.

In addition to many prizes, the winner can expect a brand new Playstation 5!

It's easy: EVERYONE can participate, no matter if you are a student or just a FIFA-Fan. For a participation fee of only 5€ you can register on our website and play with all participants for the Playstation 5, as well as other great prizes.

To keep you entertained during the waiting time until the tournament starts, you can find weekly contests, more prizes and all information about our event on our Instagram page @fifa_21_uni_cup.

We are looking forward to seeing you!

Your Spökos