PRAXIS Summer Camp

Module description and learning oucome

In a three-week intensive project phase, interdisciplinary and in some cases international student teams work in small groups on real-life tasks from companies and institutions in the field.

Rough schedule:

  1. April: Information event to introduce all projects and project partners
  2. May - June: Team building taking into account the interests of the students and the necessary competencies for the project tasks
  3. July: First meeting of the teams with their project partners - development of the kick-off presentation
  4. Beginning of August: Joint kick-off event of all teams and companies. Presentation of the intro presentations - everyone gets to know each other!
  5. Three weeks (full-time, approx. 30 hrs./week) of individual project work in the teams / in between obligatory and voluntary coaching appointments with the lecturer team. Goal: Submission of the final presentation (coordinated with the company) / prior final or detailed presentation in the company
  6. Final presentations in front of the companies and interested audience. Afterwards convivial conclusion.

Learning objectives:

  •    Solution competences for entrepreneurial tasks/project tasks
  •    Knowledge of analysis and presentation
  •    Application of project management methods
  •    Preparation of product, market and competitor analyses
  •    Practical application of business management methods
  •    Improvement of communication skills
  •    Strengthening teamwork and intercultural skills
  •    Improvement of English language skills

Event website:

Insights into past projects, project partners and further information: