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72nd Annual Conference of the International Communication Association (ICA): One World, One Network‽

This year's ICA Annual Conference will take place from 26 to 30 May in hybrid form. The venue for the face-to-face conference is Paris. Current and former ZeMKI members will give presentations within the event.

The topic of the 72nd ICA Annual Conference "One World, One Network" invites us to rethink communication studies on globalisation and networks. The following lectures will be given by members of the ZeMKI during the event:


Pre-Conference: "Post-Truth and Affective Publics’ Challenges to Social Ties. Disinformation, Populism, Data-Driven Propaganda"
Viviane Harkort: "The Translation of Populism: Role Perceptions and Journalistic Practices of Foreign Correspondents in France “



VIRTUAL: Communication History Interactive Poster Session
Erik Koenen, Christian Pentzold, Anna Seikel, Jakob Jünger: „Talking the Talk but Not Walking the Walk: A Study of ICA Presidential Addresses“

ICA Communication History Division
Stephanie Seul: “How to Reach Listeners in Hitler’s Germany: Gauging the Impact of BBC German-Language Broadcasting, 1938–1940”

Christian Katzenbach; S. Champion; A. Kopps: “Targeting Platform Governance From the Techlash to the German Federal Elections 2021: The Relationship Between Platforms’ Ad Targeting, and Public and Policy Debates“

Round Table Discussion
Christian Katzenbach: „Sustainable Funding for a Global Network“

Human-Machine Communication Paper Session 1, Poster Session
Stephan Görland und Victoria Kratel: "‘Alexa, Shut Up!‘ Gendered Voice Assistants And Causes Of Verbal Abuse“



Standard Paper Session, Human-Machine Communication

Andreas Hepp und Wiebke Loosen: „Communication, Media and Agency: HMC as an Interdisciplinary Field of Research“



Andreas Hepp, U of Bremen: "MeTag/MeSort Workshop"


Christian Katzenbach; N. Marchal; M. Alizadeh; F. Hamborg; E. Hoes; K. Klüser; M. Kubli: “The Role of Media Coverage in Platform Policy Change“

Anna Jobin; Laura Liebig; Christian Katzenbach: “Communicating AI Policy: How Technology Comes to Matter in Media“

Sigrid Kannengießer und Patrick McCurdy:  „Mediatization and climate change: Identifying and facing challenges“


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