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European Media Salon: AI and the Frontlines of the Digital Limit Situation

On 10 May from 4:30 to 6 pm, Dr Benedetta Brevini and Dr Amanda Lagerkvist will discuss the potential of AI technologies in the context of the crises facing humanity. The event will take place online.

The pandemic has laid bare our over-reliance on communication. Media technologies are everyday lifelines offering care and solace. AI technologies have simultaneously colonized the very horizon of the future, as they seem to offer salvation from humanity’s many problems. But are they really good for the planet? This conversation between Benedetta Brevini and Amanda Lagerkvist will tackle these urgent issues head on: As we stand on the brink as a civilization – due to a series of interrelated crises including climate change – how can we as communication scholars make sense of our new digital existence, of being human, and of human responsibility? And what brave moves do we need to make in our field, in order to move onto the frontlines of the digital limit situation?

Following the Zoom Link to join:

European Media Salon

Meeting-ID: 962 1210 7399
code: 044216