New article by ZeMKI members Dr. Erik Koenen and Prof. Dr. Christian Pentzold

The article, written by Erik Koenen, Christian Pentzold, Anna Seikel, and Jakob Jünger, uses qualitative methods to analyze ICA (International Communication Association) presentations. The article will be published in the Annals of the ICA.

Each year, the president of the International Communication Association speaks to the plenary session of its annual conference. Conceptualizing the speeches as disciplinary talk, the article at hand examined them using a combination of qualitative content analysis and bibliometric study. The results show how presidential addresses either aimed to present a metaview of the field or to offer targeted reflections revolving around individual interests. Both types reiterate common topics—that is, they talk the talk—but they receive scant attention and thus cannot respond to calls for more integration of the field. Moreover, the speeches do not lead the walk—they remain ambivalent about how to respond to its pluralization and do not steer communication studies in a particular direction.

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