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Round Table "Mediatization reserach in Europe and Latin America"

The book presentation takes place on 13th of May at 4pm. ZeMKI members Prof. Dr. Averbeck-Lietz, Prof. Dr. Andreas Hepp and Prof. Dr. Friedrich Krotz contributed to the book.

Júlia Vilasís-Pamos (UPF) will moderate the session, where will account with StefanieAverbeck-Lietz (Universität Bremen), Cornelia Brantner (Karlstads Universitet), José L. Fernández (Universidad de Buenos Aires), Joan R. Rodriguez-Amat (Sheffield Hallam University), and Carlos A. Scolari (UPF). 

Registrations are open until May 12th, 12.59pm.

More information can be found here:

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