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ZeMKI members at the ICA annual conference

From May 27-31, 2021, the 71st annual conference of the International Communication Association (ICA) will again be held virtually this year due to the ongoing Corona pandemic. ZeMKI members will present their latest research results at the conference.

In 2021, the conference theme is "Engaging the Essential Work of Care: Communication, Connectedness, and Social Justice". The following ZeMKI members will present their research:


Prof. Dr Sigrid Kannengießer: 

"Fridays for Future Goes Digital: Activists' Media Practices During the COVID-19 Pandemic"

(with Dr. Johanna Möller, TU Dresden): "Critical Media Practices".


Denise Fechner 

(with Prof. Dr. Christian Pentzold, U Leipzig and Conrad Zuber, TU Chemnitz): "'Flattening the Curve': Data-Driven Projections and the Journalistic Brokering of Knowledge During the COVID-19 Crisis" (with Prof. Dr. Christian Pentzold and Conrad Zuber)

(with Prof. Dr. Christian Pentzold, U Leipzig, Florian Osterloh, U Bremen and Conrad Zuber, TU Chemnitz): "How to Make Sense of Nonsense: Political Absurdity and Parodic Memes in the #Sharpiegate Affair".


Prof. Dr. Andreas Hepp 

(with Prof. Dr. Wiebke Loosen, HBI): "Pioneers of Post-Pandemic Journalism? The Re-Figuration of Pioneer Journalism During The COVID-19 Pandemic".

together with Anne Schmitz: "The Implicit Ideology of Pioneer Communities: How the Maker and Quantified Self Movements Imagine a Deeply Mediatised Future".

together with Alessandro Belli and Florian Hohmann: "Investigating Media repertories With Software Tools: The Opportunities and Limits of Research Software".


The full conference programme is available here.

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