ZeMKI-Research Seminar with Gaia Amadodri (Catholic University of Milan, Italy)

Hybrid methods to materialise data relations in the domestic context Linzer Str. 4, Room 60.070, 28359 Bremen

Studying datafication of childhood and family life poses relevant methodological and epistemological challenges that require a critical approach to data. This talk sets out to advance some methodological proposals illustrating an ongoing research in the Italian context. Drawing upon the concept of families as communicative figurations, the project articulates a longitudinal mixed methods research design within a sample of 20 families with young children (0-8 y.o), which combines interviews, observational and visual data. With the goal to foreground the power relations at play and bring to the surface taken for granted practices and imaginaries, network methods and constructivist grounded theory were adopted as analytical tools to capture the interactions between data and each family figuration. The preliminary results suggest that this combination of hybrid methods represents worth-experimenting means to materialise data relations and foster reflexivity to disentangle data colonialism in family life.

Gaia Amadori is a PhD student in “Sociology, Organizations and Cultures” in the Department of Communication at the Catholic University of Milan. Her research interests span game and media studies. Her dissertation, based on the DataChildFutures project, aims to study digital media domestication processes within families with young children (0-8 y.o) focusing the impact of data relations on the household’s power structure through a mixed methods research design that leverages network techniques.

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