ZeMKI-Research Seminar with Seda Nur Çinar (Istanbul University, Turkey)

"The role of the media usage in the cultural and social integration of 2. and 3. generation Turkish migrants living in Germany", November 6 2022, 16.15 – 17.45 (CET), Linzer Str. 4, Raum 60.070, 28359 Bremen

Having different characteristics, four generations of Turkish migrants have dissociated from one another regarding integration, the tools they use, and their points of resistance concerning integration have differentiated. The media has been one of the most crucial tools during this process. With the changing technology, communication and interaction among the groups have acquired a growing, new function. The subject of this study is to discuss the role of the media during the integration process experienced by Turkish people who have immigrated to Germany. This study will focus on second and third- generation Turkish migrants living in Köln, Bremen, and Berlin compares the usage habits of traditional media and new media, and reveals the effects of certain elements, such as education and language, on media usage by sampling individuals who have different socioeconomic statuses. As a method, semi- structured interviews and focus group discussions will be applied.

After finishing her bachelor’s degree in the Communication Faculty of Galatasaray University, Cinar has worked as a correspondent in different sectoral magazines in Turkey. As she specialized in technology, she participated in many local and worldwide technological events, providing content and interviews. In the last few years, she put more working hours into internet journalism, social media, and web content. Cinar is currently a PhD candidate at the Department of Communication at Istanbul University.

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