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ZeMKI doctoral programme

The doctoral programme of the ZeMKI deals with the development of media and communication. In deeply mediatized societies, social fields including politics, education, religion, popular culture and art are transforming. Not only changing digital infrastructures, but also innovative practices of media use and datafication play a role. Since phenomena in these thematic fields are multi-layered, the doctoral programme as a whole is based on a broad interdisciplinary approach in order to strengthen the respective disciplinary doctorates. 

The range of disciplines involved in the doctoral programme are broad: in addition to communication and media studies, it includes history, film studies, religious studies, sociology, political science, education, and computer science. The integration of these disciplines results in a comprehensive study course with varying perspectives, that assist profound learning, and capacitate creative approaches to research.

The aim of the ZeMKI doctoral programme at the University of Bremen is to provide cooperative and collegial supervision for its doctoral students. Participants must be registered as doctoral students at the University of Bremen, and be supervised by professors working at the ZeMKI. The doctoral programme is based on a binding doctoral agreement that separates supervision from peer review, and gives doctoral candidates extensive opportunities to develop and complete their dissertation projects in a constructive environment. 


: Dr. Miira Hill

Miira Hill

Institution Centre for Media, Communication and Information Research of the University of Bremen (ZeMKI)

Building/room: LINZ6
Phone: +49 (0) 421 218 676 36
E-Mail: mhillprotect me ?!uni-bremenprotect me ?!.de

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