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Online self-assessment in the admission process

What is Online E-Assessment?

Mandatory, ungraded online self-assessment as part of the admissions process for university applicants
 Applicants register for an online test that is independent of time and place and receive a PDF protocol with their percentage result after completion. This document must then be submitted together with the application for a study place. The result has no influence on the chances of being awarded a place.

The mandatory test prompts prospective students to consider the subject and their individual performance level before applying. Depending on the results, differentiated feedback can be given on subject aptitude and any existing deficits that would have to be made up for in the initial study phase. The aim is to reduce the dropout rate.


The information necessary for the test is made available on the websites of the student secretariat and an information page of the department. The ZMML allows self-registration on its servers; the login data for the examination system are announced by e-mail. The personal data requested during registration (last name, first name, date of birth, e-mail address) are used once for e-mailing and are not stored! Students log into the examination system and take the test. After time lapse or submission, a PDF protocol with anonymized user ID and percentage result can be downloaded directly in the examination system. It is possible to register and take the test several times. In case of a study place application a printout of the registration mail (personal data + user ID) and the PDF protocol have to be submitted.



  • Consulting and training on organization, exam didactics and technical implementation
  • Programming and provision of web form and database for self-registration
  • Support and assumption of partial functions in exam management (schedules, data exchange, process control)
  • Provision and administration of the test system (
  • Provision and statistical evaluation of the examination results (question quality)

If required and subject to available resources

  • Quality management of the question catalogs with regard to function, layout and design guidelines
  • Programming of the questions on the basis of the templates provided by the examination administrators for the examination system used
  • Support and information for those interested in studying (websites, support e-mail), coordination with the student secretary's office
  • Programming of questions for the examination system or provision of digital templates when this task is taken over by the ZMML
  • Online quality control of the question catalogs and examination settings


Self-assessment for mathematics studies at the University of Bremen (only in german language) for the study programs elementary mathematics (teaching profession at elementary schools) and mathematics in the 2-subject bachelor (teaching profession at secondary schools)