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Activation via tasks and learning modules

    Interactive lectures with ARSnova

    ARSnova is an audience response system that makes it very easy to ask knowledge questions, gather information, conduct lecture hall experiments, collect student questions and obtain feedback before, during and after a lecture.


    Interactive lectures with Cliqr (Stud.IP)

    The audience response system Cliqr is a Stud.IP plug-in that makes it very easy to conduct anonymous question rounds and polls during a classroom lecture.


    DoIT! (Stud.IP)

    DoIT! enables you to support students in their work during the course. This tool offers individual and group processing, variable processing periods and dependency-oriented task release. You can assign deadlines to the minute and grant extensions based on participants. DoIT! has a peer reviewing mechanism for participants to evaluate each other.


    Tests and exercises with ILIAS tests

    ILIAS tests are integrated into Stud.IP via the learning module interface. They can be used to test prior knowledge, for semester-long exercises and self-assessments or for exam preparation. Detailed help can be found at the Stud.IP-Help of the University of Bremen.


    EduWork Builder (Stud.IP)

    The EduWork Builder is a tool for the individual modelling of different offers (learning modules, tests, workbooks, etc.) within your courses. Since the EduWork Builder does not provide a fixed structure, you have a lot of customisation options and thus great freedom in the individual structure of your course.
     What distinguishes the EduWork Builder?
     The EduWork Builder, for whose development and support the ZMML is responsible, is integrated into Stud.IP, the learning management system of the University of Bremen. This use of the university's own infrastructure (use of the server on campus, existing data protection guidelines and measures) means, for example, that there are no duplicate structures for the creation of participant lists, etc. The EduWork Builder is integrated into Stud.IP.
     The administration of the event in the EduWork Builder can be taken over by the teachers themselves and by tutors. In the EduWork Builder, various multimedia contents can be integrated, from texts to images, videos and sound recordings to different types of tasks, such as exercises for self-monitoring with direct feedback, evaluation or feedback options (for example, which contents were not understood) or performance records in the form of tests.