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Educational Sciences for IP Gy/Os

Please note, that there are no english versions of the examination schedules

Summer Semester 2019

  • Educational Science

    File name: BA_IPGy_Bereich_Erziehungswissenschaft_Pruefplan_SoSe19.pdf
    Last update: 02.05.2019
  • German

    File name: BA_IPGy_Deutsch_Pruefplan_SoSe19.pdf
    Last update: 07.02.2019
  • English

    File name: BA_IPGy_Englisch_Pruefplan_SoSe19.pdf
    Last update: 13.05.2019
  • Inclusive Pedagogy

    File name: BA_IPGy_Inklusive_Paedagogik_Pruefplan_SoSe19.pdf
    Last update: 13.05.2019
  • Mathmatics

    File name: BA_IPGy_Mathematik_Pruefplan_SoSe19.pdf
    Last update: 08.02.2019

Winter Semester 2019/2020

  • Educational Science

    File name: BA_IPGy_Bereich_Erziehungswissenschaft_Pruefplan_WiSe1920.pdf
    Last update: 10.09.2019
  • Educational Science

    File name: BA_IPGy_Bereich_Erziehungswissenschaft_Pruefplan_WiSe1819.pdf
    Last update: 07.11.2018
  • English

    File name: BA_IPGy_Englisch_Pruefplan_WiSe1819.pdf
    Last update: 23.11.2018
  • German Studies

    File name: MEd_IP_Deutsch_Pruefplan_WiSe1819.pdf
    Last update: 05.10.2018
  • Inclusive Pedagogy

    File name: BA_IPGy_Inklusive_Paedagogik_Pruefplan_WiSe1819.pdf
    Last update: 08.11.2018
  • Mathmatics

    File name: BA_IPGy_Mathematik_Pruefplan_WiSe1819.pdf
    Last update: 14.09.2018