YUFE Academy Online Lecture Series

Are you ready to start thinking about the future of Europe? Join Manisha Barbara Bieber for the Working on Europe Academy 2022 lecture series. Register for one or more lectures here:

Overview and program details

Organizer: Studio Europe Maastricht, Maastricht University
Period: November 21-25, 2022
Location: Online via Zoom
Language: English


21 Nov | 16:00cet: The great lockdown and the sustainability of the Europeansocioeconomic project by Ivan Rubinić

22 Nov | 16:00cet: Executive federalism and politicisation in the European Union before and during COVID19 by Alvaro Oleart

23 Nov | 16:00cet: The societal readiness to adopt digitalhealth tools: the myths we tell ourselves and the people that should not be left behind by Robin van Kessel

24 Nov | 16:30cet: Real-world health data in the European Union by Rok Hrzic

25 Nov | 16:00cet: Migration and wellbeing: implications for attracting and retaining highly skilled migrants by Julia Reinold

This year's program will feature five interconnected, two-hour sessions. The aim of the Academy is to introduce participants to the topics of European inequalities, citizens participation, executive federalism, migration and welfare. The sessions will be comprised of two parts. The first part will include a lecture with a detailed presentation of the topic. The second block, on the other hand, will be dedicated to a discussion, a critical debate or a practical learning experience.

Students and citizens will be able to attend all lectures or participate in individual lectures that are of interest to them. Upon completion of the YUFE-SEM Working on Europe Academy 2022, a certificate of attendance will be issued upon request.

Who can attend the lecture series?

The lecture series is open to all students and citizens who want to work on innovative solutions to ensure the sustainability of European values. Anyone who is interested in learning more about strengthening European integration, improving the well-being of citizens, and promoting European integration is welcome to attend.

About the Working on Europe Academy 2022

YUFE-SEM Working on Europe Academy is a series of student and citizens-based, research-centered lectures jointly organized by the Maastricht University and Studio Europa Maastricht (SEM) under the Young Universities for the Future of Europe (YUFE) alliance.

The lecture series aims to provide unique and interdisciplinary research on Europe and European integration. Fostered through a proactive and critical debate, students and citizens will explore the main concerns of the European project and discover their role in shaping its future.

By focusing on the research, history and heritage of Europe, the multidisciplinary team of researchers will create a digital, interactive and knowledge-based platform for dialogue and debate covering the following topics:

  • Democracy, Politics, Security and the Rule of Law
  • Identity, heritage and the citizen perspective
  • Prosperity, welfare and inequality
  • Knowledge, technology and digitalization

The Academy will be a meeting point for European students and citizens who want to work on a better Europe!

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